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Everything concerning the gaming industry.

Welcome to Gamer Addict, the best place to get your gaming fix!

For those who are not familiar with livejournal
How to become a member: If you already have a livejournal, please skip to step 2.

01. Go to livejournal.com and put a username in the box to the right and click the green button that says "Create a Journal". You will then be walked through the rest of the steps. Joining is free.
02. After creating an account, come back to the community and find where it says "To join this community, click here" near the top. You are now a member of the community!

Current maintainers/editors are joydestroy, pistolpucker, msmagdalene, mizcalamity

You can find more information about them and what they do around here, here.

Here we bring you all the news regarding the gaming industry as a whole, including any tech news that may relate to video games. Our site also features reviews by our editors, podcasts, tournaments and of course fellow friendly gamers.

We have a few community guidelines just like most.

There will be zero tolerance for this and will result in you being permanently banned. It's quite simple, really. No one wants to hear you bashing another platform. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. One is not decidedly better here.

02. Anyone can be an editor
As long as we are accepting applications for editors you have a good chance of writing for us here. People come and go for various reason so please check back often if you are interested.

03. Please show some respect
As a community we expect to be shown a little respect. Moderators and editors work hard to bring you the latest to keep you up to date and well informed of all the lates news and trends regarding the gaming industry. Try to be curteous to other members. Who knows, maybe you'll meet your long lost best friend here.

04. No spam
Pretty self-explanatory, but just in case...No community promos of any kind, especially rating communities. If you have a community that is game related, contact a mod and it will be added to the links list.

05. Last, but not least, have fun!
While you're here we certainly want you to have a fun experience. We're all interested in gaming for one reason or another, whether it be to entertain or FTW!

Accepting applications for: 1 moderator, 6 editors
If you are interested in becoming a moderator, please send joydestroy a personal email to joydestroy@gmail.com. If you are a moderator you are also an editor so you have more responsibility.

If you are interested in becoming an editor and have decent grammar skills please apply by sending an email to gmraddict@gmail.com with the following information:

Sample article with the following format: article title, brief summary/snippet of article, link to source.

Current Affiliates:
Xbox Gamertags - A community where Xbox live users can share their gamertags, meet new friends, or even ask some questions about the console.